About Us

Established 2010

Established in 2009, MIS is dedicated to the holistic development of our daughters. Within a very short span of time CIS has established benchmarks of excellence in academics, co & extra-curricular activities.

Attracting students from all sections of society, CIS is particularly favoured by Doctors, Professionals from other fields, Officers from Defence services & the educated business class, people who understand & value the importance of good quality education.

Realising the truth in these lines, Revd. C. P. Singh laid the foundation of Lucknow Public School in the year 1988 with a view to providing quality education within affordable means to the people of lucknow . His dedicated efforts blossomed soon into a number of Lucknow Public Schools in and outside Lucknow. Today, these schools are imparting quality education to about 14000 odd student. Keeping pace with the global education trends and standards, the schools follow the curriculum which shapes and natures students’ personality in a holistic manner through:

  • Child- Centric approach to education.
  • Activity based teaching- learning.
  • Comprehensive Co-curricular activities.
  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation of students.
  • Integration of modern technology and pedagogy in teaching- learning process.